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The response of numerous nefarious people eavesdropping on my personal email made it clear to me that many found fascinating content within! Evidently they decided that the proprietary blend of wit, wisdom and insight applied to articles, and original short stories they were reading was interesting enough to keep ’em coming back for more! Indeed, by stumbling upon a unique new form of entertainment they had experienced the rapturous thrill of discovery!

Yes, a unique genre of written satire had been cast their way on the crest of one of technology’s latest phenomenon — the internet! Perhaps it was my naturally snarky style that they found fascinating and it affected them sorta like a deer caught in the headlights of a fast approaching ’82 Ford station wagon — the one with wood on the side!


Admittedly, this presents a rather weird, unprecedented situation, at least for me! Among other possibilities, I now realize there appears to be a marketing opportunity afoot!


Alrighty then! This site will allow me to explore marketing possibilities of the brand! Now that I have the opportunity to turn a lemon of a situation into lemonade, let th’ squeezin’ commence!

First, to encourage the eavesdropping throng to evolve into a vast fan base, I’ve decided to commit my violated and sore as hell email to this site’s archive.

Second, I plan to post new, original commentary periodically, written in the same irreverent style. Should past postings be prolog, vast legions of subscribers can expect new postings at a rate averaging once a week, sometimes twice, rarely once a fortnight.

Third, I’m thinking there may be those who hanker for some merch they can display to show their support and appreciation for Perhaps massive, stainless-steel tumblers with the logo on opposing sides would fit their pistol! They come in minimum orders of five-hundred, so the site and brand must be self-supporting enough to capitalize such a venture.

So don’t fret, you Legionnaire you, merch will soon follow! Or not, depending on how financially successful becomes.
Too many ideas, too little capital!

Some entertain themselves with their collection of watches, cars, yachts, houses, women, etcetera. Sounds like fun, huh! I’ve often thought so. Could develop into something more than merely a website? Perhaps, like a virus new age of enlightenment sweeping over the land it could take the world by storm?

Probably not, after all, this is still planet Earth and I am still me.

Could be though! In the meantime this site will serve primarily as personal entertainment — a Rubik’s Cube of sorts — as well as a vault for my collection of unique ideas, concepts, humor, stories, satire, and my own unique brand of commentary.

Subscribers will even find poetry! Didn’t know I had it in me, but now that it’s not I’m feeling much better–not as bloated!

Behind the green door, subscribers will also find original commentary about anything at all that I believe interesting, provocative, weird, humorous, timely, or thought-provoking. From time-to-time these “things” will include personal life experiences. After all, the initial reason for this creating this site was an exercise for my amusement and hopefully, relating some of those experiences will be as amusing to readers as committing them to prose is for me.

Mostly, I enjoy commenting on contemporary science and technology news articles I find through various sources. At times, liberal democrat trolling will provoke me to bite and perhaps snap their wussy lit’le line for ’em! The subjects I broach and the published articles I reference behind the green door will be those I feel most compelled to praise, ridicule, shout out, observe, proselytize, fawn over, or rant about…mostly.

If you as a potential subscriber are looking for the usual liberal, democratic spin on the latest political news, you’ll find is not your cup of tea. Try the network news or the Charlie Rose Show, they’ve enough to gag a maggot! If you’re looking for commentary and articles on sports, you’ll also be disappointed unless you consider board games such as Go and Chess as sports, then you might be in luck, but only on extremely rare occasions. Best try ESPN.

“If you want to do something right, do it yourself,” you’ve no doubt heard it said. I’ve found this piece of advice also applies to cracking myself up with my brand of humor. Lately, through my email postings, I find myself cracking myself up more and more with a uniquely humorous style of wordsmithing that seems to pop into my punkin’ head as if magically invoked, right out of the blue, and these sudden moments of humor are almost always extemporaneous, which makes them all the more entertaining, especially to me, and as I said, evidently to those numerous and anonymous mystery eavesdroppers.

The more spontaneous these magical moments the more generous the brain gush of the reward chemical dopamine. Methinks to the degree this site is a success financially, dopamine will have proven itself capable of extending those temporally transient pleasures into something more tangible and lasting.

Good stuff!

If you’re a prospective subscriber afeared of in-your-face advertising, fear not, fellow traveler! Stevereno is a fella who hates…nay, loathes advertising, so any ads found on will not be presented in an intrusive manner. As matter-of-fact, I pay the host of this site not to besmirch with ads, just to assuage the ever-present and pervasive boorish capitalist urge to generate cash via ticky-tack! You know how it is — a home in Bel-Air, another in Monte Carlo, maybe one in Connecticut aren’t enough, they want a fourth in Sugarbush! Greed sufficiently unbridled as to be intrusive will not be tolerated at!

You’re welcome!

My plan is to provision this site with fascinating prose along with photography elucidating that prose, all free of distraction. I pledge to banish any advertising featuring pop ups, displaying fast-moving video the user can’t control, sliders (you know, ads that slide in from the edge demanding your attention) — anything that diminishes the reader’s enjoyment of the site. Sure, ads will be there, but they’ll be unobtrusively presented — certainly not in your face, rather only at the periphery and, at times, even on another page under another tab.

Of course, you realize what this means — lower revenue, which means Stevereno might be forced to putz Round Beverly Hills and Bel Air in a lowly Bentley rather than a Roller, but for my followers I’m determined to just buck up and rough it!

What we want here is a site that presents content with a bit of decorum. After all, this is a SBS (Stevereno Broadcasting System) website, not CNN!

See! Stevereno’s greed sports a bridle!

I should warn democrats, snowflakes, religious fanatics and those under 18 who might be thinking of subscribing that my prose is justifiably characterized as being politically incorrect, often ribald, and on those relatively rare occasions when I feel so moved, indecorous,* but as truthful as the gods allow me to see the truth. However, I remind you that the truth is often unpleasant, especially to democrats and flakes (snow or otherwise).

Here on neither delicate souls nor children are coddled! The ivory towers of higher education — Berkeley et al — practice enough of that touchy-feely foolishness! My attitude here is best reflected by The Trainman character in The Matrix franchise. He in his domain of the imagination and I in mine share the same philosophy on this attitude business, and he conveyed our philosophy with beautiful simplicity when he said…

“Down here…I’m God!”

Well said, sir! You wield the King’s English with a gravitas, political incorrectness, and elegantly frank turn of phrase that is so refreshingly informative! You, sir, evidently did NOT attend Berkeley! To the contrary, your analogy is exactly the impression University of Alabama quarterbacks leave on visiting teams! Your speak as though you once quarterbacked for the Tide!

As far as passing pilgrims viewing you as God in your realm is concerned, ditto, as far as Stevereno in his realm is concerned!

So don’t say I didn’t warn you delicate “potentials!”

All that said, consider yourself welcome to join the happy throng, as well as Stevereno hisself, behind the green door as we frolic in the light of wisdom, humor, insight, original short stories, satire, and interesting news, all basted in a proprietary blend of quirky, irreverent, and offtimes humorous commentary–a luscious secret sauce served up Stevereno style!

Now that you’ve come this far, why not come a bit further? Why not mosey on over to the “Subscribe” page, push your chips forward and join us?

Whatever you decide, thanks for considering as your source for unique entertainment!


*Foul, vulgar, crude, smutty, coarse, rude, offensive, impious, sexy, salacious, etcetera